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AAFES Facilities

              Osan AB Lodging

              Location: Osan Inn, Bldg 771
              Reservations: DSN 784-1844/4597 or Korea 0333-661-1844/4597
              Information: DSN 784-4672
             Temporary Ration Control Cards available at these two locations:
             Duty Hours: Report to Bldg 936, Rm 210, Pass & I.D. Section
             After Duty Hours: Report to the Osan Inn, Bldg 771, Lodging Front Desk

        Songtan Hotels  (On Base dial 99-)
 Within Korea (except Songtan area) dial 0333-
 Victoria Hotel: 666-3865/663-2121   make reservations via e-mail :
 Chun Il Hotel: 666-2367
 Crown Hotel: 666-4748
 Dae Hung Hotel: 666-3337
 Korea Hotel: 62-3926/3927
 New Seoul Hotel: 666-5889
 Newtown Hotel: 666-8611
 Osan Hotel: 64-8960
 Pacific Hotel: 666-3428
 Phoenix Hotel: 62-1764
 Prince Hotel: 665-4551
 Rose Hotel: 666-4724   
  Note: Prices for these hotels average $35-40 a night for a single occupancy room, $50 for a double.
           Seoul Armed Forces and Air Force Hotels
 Dragon Hill Lodge
 Yongsan Army Post, Seoul
 Reservations: DSN 738-2222 or Korea (02) 790-0016
 Fax: Korea (02) 790-1576 or from USA 011-82-2-790-1576

Seoul House
Sodaemun-gu, Seoul
Reservations: DSN 723-6159/6009 or Korea (02) 363-3491
Information: DSN 723-6151




                       DoDDS Schools

                       Osan American Elementary School (K-6th)
                       Location: Bldg 251
                       Tel: 784-6912/4803

                       Osan American High School (7th-12th)
                       WWW: Osan American High School Location: Bldg 471 (across from Popeye's)
                       Tel: 784-9097

                       Education Office

              Location: Bldg 789  
              Tel: 784-4220/5475

                      Colleges or Universities

                       Central Texas College
                       WWW: Central Texas College - Pacific Far East Campus Location: Bldg 789
                       Tel: 784-5681

                        Troy State University
                       Location: Bldg 788
                       Tel: 784-5664

                       University of Maryland
                       WWW: University of Maryland - Asian Division
                       Location: Bldg 789
                       Tel: 784-6786

                       University of Oklahoma
                       Location: Bldg 788
                       Tel: 784-4406

             Services Squadron's Dong Sim Preschool
             Location: Bldg 750
             Tel: 784-6830
                       Private Schools
             International Christian School
             Location: Songtan City (approximately 1 mile from base)
             Tel: Korea (0333) 64-1376


Services Activities at Osan AB

Clubs and Dining


Youth Activities

Other Services


Space-A Travel Information : MobilityLINK

Osan's AMC Passenger Terminal Information

Osan AB 631 Air Mobility Support Squadron Home Page...Passenger Information Center
DSN: 784-1854 or Korea (0333) 661-1854 (Passenger Information)
DSN: 784-6809 (Flight Information)
DSN: 784-5485 (Lost & Found Baggage)
Sign up in person or fax request to DSN 784-4897 or e-mail

Other Space-A Opportunities in PACAF

Andersen Air Force Base, Guam
DSN 366-5165/5162 or from USA 671-366-5165/5162
FAX 671-366-2079

Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska
DSN 377-1854 or from USA 907-377-1854
FAX 907-377-2287

Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska...Passenger Information Center
DSN 552-4616/3781 or from USA 907-552-4616/3781
FAX 907-552-3996

Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii...Passenger Information Center
DSN 449-1515/6833 or from USA 808-449-1515/6833
FAX 808-448-1503

Kadena Air Base, Okinawa
DSN 634-4462/1281 or from USA 011-81-611-938-634-4462/1281
FAX from USA 011-81-6117-34-4221

Kimhae Air Base, Korea
DSN 763-3584 or from USA 011-82-51-801-3584

Kunsan Air Base, Korea
DSN 782-4666 or from USA 011-82-654-470-4666
FAX DSN 782-5616

Misawa Air Base, Japan
DSN 226-2444/2470 or from USA 011-81-3117-66-2444/2470
FAX DSN 266-2461

Yokota Air Base, Japan
DSN 225-7119/9526 or from USA 011-81-425-52-2511 ext 7119 or 9526
FAX DSN 225-9768

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