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Grades TSgts and above are entitled to ship one POV regardless of the type of tour. Personnel contemplating shipment of a two-wheeled motorized vehicle including mopeds, should contact their gaining unit regarding operation/registration procedures. Unleaded fuel is available on-base. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Plumbet testing of catalytic systems on POVs operating in Korea. This eliminates the requirement to remove catalytic converters from POVs. Under the DOD POV Import Control Program, the removal of catalytic converters is voluntary. If catalytic converters are not removed, unleaded fuel must be used. Personnel wanting to remove catalytic converters must do so before surrendering the POV to the CONUS port or upon arrival at Pusan.
Traffic Comments..................... :

You must be a TSG or above to ship a car to Korea at government expense. International driving signs are used in Korea. Traffic is quite heavy, especially around Seoul and on Korean holidays.

The accident rate in Korea is high; consequently, the price you pay to insure your vehicle in Korea is high. You should check with your insurance agent about continued service in the ROK before your move. While insurance costs are high here, you'll find using local companies is usually cheaper than most US companies. Insurance here is an absolute necessity. You cannot register your vehicle
without it. Even if you could, you would be running an expensive and potentially career threatening risk. ROK law often demands high payment from individuals involved in an accident, especially when there's an injury or death. And most
often, it does not matter who is at fault.

Vehicles can be picked up and delivered at Camp Kim near Yongsan Army Garrison. Once you're notified to pick up your vehicle, it's a good idea to give the pick-up point another call (725-7011/7012) to let the people know that you will pick up your vehicle on that particular day. Although this is not required, it helps them schedule their workload and ensures that everything is ready when you arrive. One of the most important things to do when you pick up your car is carefully and thoroughly check for damage. Verify the serial numbers on your tires and battery. Check the radio and other installed accessories to be sure nothing has been substituted. Although security at Camp Kim is good, your car has traveled halfway around the world in various hands. Be sure to document any damage or theft before you leave Camp Kim.
Each individual or family assigned to Korea may own only one vehicle, and it must be registered with a United States Forces Korea (USFK) Vehicle Recorder within 10 days of date of purchase or arrival in Korea. Mopeds and motorcycles are classified as a POV if over 50cc. Documents needed to register your vehicle

1. Identification Card. 2. Proof of ownership 3. Proof of insurance 4. USFK Customs Import Document (3702-55B) 5. Valid USFK driver's license 6. Copy of orders authorizing shipment or DD Form 788 (Private Vehicle Document.) 7. Vehicle Safety Inspection certificate within the past 90 days (showing vehicle passed.)

To register a vehicle purchased in Korea you must present the same documents; however, you do not need to show the custom's clearance documents or the orders authorizing shipment. The vehicle registration is good for one year. To renew it you must present a new vehicle safety inspection to the Security Forces Pass & ID Section. Safety inspections are available through AAFES service station or the Auto Hobby Shop on base.

US Forces personnel in Korea who wish to drive POVs must have a USFK drivers license and a valid U.S. drivers license.  Active duty military personnel, civilian employees and family members age 18 or older are required to take a written test to receive a USFK driver's license. USFK people may operate a POV for 30 days with a valid stateside
drivers license. Military people are issued a USFK driver's license for one years, while DoD civilians are issued a five-year license. Family members age 16 and older may obtain a learner's permit. This is good for driving only during daylight hours on military installations while accompanied by a licensed driver. The USFK driver's license must be carried with you whenever you're driving.

Osan Drivers License Section
Location..................... : Bldg 1310
Telephone.................... : 784-4568
Hours........................ : Appointment basis

Must have already viewed the Safety Driving film. This film is shown during the newcomers orientation at Officer's Club. It is also shown every Friday at 0900 in the Safety Office. You have to view this film in order to get the required USFK drivers license.

Osan Pass and ID
Location..................... : Bldg 936
Telephone.................... : 784-4489
Hours........................ : 0730-1530
Comments..................... :

In order to register an automobile at Osan you have to be an E-6 or above. There are some waivers granted but this is up to the discretion of the individual squadrons. In order to register a car at Osan you must get it inspected at the Base Exchange, Auto Hobby or any other place that is recognized by the Security Forces. After inspection, take the paper work from the inspection plus your USFK drivers license, proof of insurance and previous registration slip to Pass and ID to get your license tags. The first time you register your car at Osan you will need the SOFA document that allowed your car in-country at government expense (this will allow Pass and ID to create your car registration documentation).

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